Retrospective 2021

Twenty twenty one (2021) has provided me different opportunities for exploring my photography.

I normally post my retrospectives between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but this year I will be on a road trip when the so call post (this one) would happen. So, I decided to post it before Christmas this year.

It would have been difficult for 2021 to be a worse year than 2020. Having said that, has provided me different opportunities for exploring my photography, not necessarily the best for travelling. I was very photo opportunities hungry and leapt into those opportunities head one. I really enjoyed my photographic year of 2021. Here are the major events in 2021:

  1. Redwood Forest Trip
  2. The Joy of Plant Propagation
  3. Quick weekends at the Mornington Peninsula (for landscape photography)
  4. Trip to Phillip Island
  5. The Lights of Melbourne
  6. New customer
  7. Self-Portrait Project
  8. Black and White in 5 Movements Project
  9. Trip to Cronulla for New Year’s Eve (post to come in the new year)

My Top 3 Favorites of 2021

Filters Discussion


From 07/07 through to 12/07, both my Hoya HD CIR-PL filters arrived. I am very excited about their arrival as I have a need for better CPLs. My 50mm prime lens (with a 58mm thread – henceforth “my 58mm”) had a good enough CPL, the Hoya NXT Plus and a Gobe (one peak) as a […]

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Filters – Part 5: Graduated ND

I know I’ve used the feature image a few times now, but it is a good photo to use as a study case. For that photo I used my Nikkor 18-35mm lens with a CPL filter. Considering that it was a sunset and I was photographing the sky with the sun AND the native grass […]

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Filters – Part 4: Vignetting

The whole square filters subject has inspired a lot in my interest in filters in general. The main reason I would use filters on my lenses would be to either protected them with a MC UV filter, or to make the colors pop-up with the CPL filter. Small intermission in my discussion about filters in […]

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Filters – Part 3: The purchase

No, I have not purchased a square kit for my lenses. I bought round/circular filters. Before we get down to the purchase itself, I have to ponder about a couple more things in regard to the potential of buying the square filters. IF – and that is a big if – I buy square filters, […]

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Posts from Projects Executed in 2021

(excludes Self-Portrait)

The Joy of Plant Propagation

Sunday, 28/03, I photographed the third session for my Joy project. I had the participation of Caroline. She has a great personality and is so much fun to be around. Her spontaneity and honesty are so delightful that you spend an afternoon with her without even noticing time flying by. Caroline’s Joy is Plant Propagation. […]

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The Old Treasury Building

I almost didn’t go take photos of the Old Treasury Building because of how cold it was. I had planned, albeit not announced it, to go yesterday to the Old Treasury Building at night to take photos for The Lights of Melbourne project, and I ended up going. I was happy that I would be […]

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Black and White in 5 Movements project

The problem with starting a project is that, at the start, there isn’t much to see. Projects start small and evolve into something big and beautiful. I wanted a very strong, bold photo to be the first photo for the Black and White in 5 Movements project and I found it. It is about my […]

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Self-Portrait 46

It seems like an eternity ago that I started this project. My life has changed immensely since then, but there are still a lot of pending items. Tomorrow starts a new chapter in my life. I am mentally in a better place and that can easily be seen in the progression of my Self-Portrait Project. […]

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Week 42

It’s been an extremes week for me. From great happy moments to sad and depressed. Because of the big antagonizing feelings I felt during the week, I could not post only one photo in Week 42 of the Self-Portrait project.

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Photo Portrait Self

Another week, another photo. I’m not liking me smiling at the camera (like in this one) and that’s why this wasn’t the photo selected for Week 31. Visit the project here and see the latest published photo.

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In 2021 I had very few trips, some were planned and others not. Here are the top 2 trips of 2021. (I am currently travelling to New South Wales. The photos of this trip will count for 2022).

Redwood Forest Trip

Redwood Forest Trip: The Photos

I know I haven’t really posted anything about the trip with the exception of the prep-work. I wanted to take photos of: The Redwood Forest The Elizabeth or Stevenson waterfall (preferably Elizabeth) Night Sky Red Rock Scenic Lookout Lake Beeac Lake Colac Botanic Gardens Lake Colac/Foreshore From those, I can safely say I did only […]

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Phillip Island Trip

The Pinnacles

I do have to say that the Pinnacles are extraordinarily beautiful and despite all the harrowing trials of the day, I have to say it was worth it.

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The making of a long weekend

So, my next trip is to Phillip Island, as I have mentioned in the post Dawn at the Peninsula. The trip started out by suggestion of a friend to photograph the Pinnacles. We had planned to drive down on Friday (21/05) morning scout the area, photograph (sunset, sunrise). Because it was going to be one […]

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Peaceful Sunrise/Sunset

Sunset with warming and GND filters – second edit

Executed Date: 27/02/2021
Planned Date: March/2021

The Lights of Melbourne – Royal Exhibition Building

Royal Exhibition Building

Executed Date: 17/04/2021
Planned Date: April/2021

Night Sky Composition

As of the date of publishing the Retrospective (27/12/2021), I have not been able to capture a Night Sky Composition. I am doing a trip to New South Wales for the Christmas period and if a good photo is taken on that trip (even if in the first days of January, but still on the trip), I will consider that I have successfully achieved the goal.

Executed Date: not executed
Planned Date: March/2021

Studio Session

As this year has been a financially difficult one and I did not have money to hire a studio, I have considered Week 19 as my studio session. I have set up, at home, all the required equipment for flash photography. Would have liked to have been behind the camera instead of trying to come up with good photos for the Self-Portrait project.

Self-Portrait Week 19

Executed Date: 07/11/2021
Planned Date: June-July/2021

The Lights of Melbourne – Old Treasury Building

Old Treasury Building

Executed Date: 09/07/2021
Planned Date: April/2021

Parameters Exercise

Executed Date: /04/2021
Planned Date: October/2021

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