Bernardo Brandao Photos

Welcome to Bernardo Brandao Photos. I started photographing as a hobby in 2015, when I bought an entry level Nikon to start documenting what I would find interesting in the many trips I went on. I eventually ended up taking photography to more than trips; I began taking my camera everywhere I went. I was so excited with photography that I upgraded my camera in less than two years.

Bernardo Brandao Photos is a site to showcase my achievements as a photographer, and allow people to contact me in case they need one. The blog is my photography journey. The why, when, where and how I take my photographs and what the results are. It is about me trying to discover new ways of looking at everything and bringing the reader along with me.

Bernardo Brandao


Some of my commercial work for a few of my customers.


I often do trips to take photos of landscapes.


I have my photographic projects where I like exploring people, places, things and situations. Visit my project to learn more.

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