Goal 2021: Peaceful Sunset

And so I complete my first goal for 2021. I took it on Friday as part of the picnic I had with my husband, dog and a friend in Royal Park. I really like the tall native grass and the sun setting behind the trees/clouds.

I can say I ticked the box, but I’m not overly happy with the result. I will still look for other peaceful sunsets this year: Woodend (if it happens) and Lakes Entrance (if it happens). I may even try to do it again here in Melbourne: similar spot in Royal Park (next time with a tripod) or somewhere else in the metropolitan area.

I like the photo, it does give me some peace and it is a sunset. Having said that, I will strive to be better.

Peaceful Sunset @ Royal Park

The goal was Peaceful Sunrise/Sunset; one or the other. Having done a peaceful sunset (and knowing that I will try again), I want to push myself to also do a peaceful sunrise even though the goal has been achieved. I think that we should strive to do better every time, and so I will try the sunrise as well as a better sunset.

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