For my second week of Self-Portrait (a little project I sneaked in last week), I decided to use try something new: monochrome. Now, I know I can photograph in color and convert it to black and white in Lightroom. However, I decided that I need to start seeing things in gray scale for me to be able to execute an upcoming project about photos in black and white. So, I’ve configured my camera to shoot/display the photos in monochrome. It really doesn’t shoot in monochrome (it keeps the color information), but it displays as black and white. If you are not happy with the it being monochrome, it’s very easy to revert it to color in Lightroom.

So, as a result, Week 2 of Self-Portrait, I have decided to try it in black and white. Below is the best photo of the lot.

Self-Portrait in monochrome

One thing I am confirming with this project (Self-Portrait) is that taking photos of oneself is a bit of a challenge. My current photos so far have all been indoors and as such a huge challenge to use smaller aperture so that focus is easier. The photo above was taken with f/1.8 of aperture. Because of how easy it is to bokeh in such high apertures, finding where the focus should be, i.e. where I will sit, without someone (o something) to help, makes it all guess work. The photo above may not have been the most sharp photo of the lot, but it has a good composition.

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