Shipwreck SS Speke

I did my homework, but Stephen, having been doing this longer, was better at it. While I focused on a couple of things to photograph (and really focused on the technical stuff), Stephen was able to research a broader set of things.

One of the things we photographed was the remains of SS Speke that shipwrecked in Phillip Island. We went twice there: once to scout, the other for sunrise photos. We didn’t take sunrise photos of the Pinnacles, as the tide and the lighting would be all wrong… so instead, on the second day – first after we scouted the region – we went to see the sun rise behind the rocks that protect the SS Speke. Well, we went to see the sunlight hit the shipwreck.

Here is ONE of the many photos that were produced in the photoshoot and the unobstructed image used for the hero/banner image. The hero image is also of the same time/place, but not of the shipwreck.

SS Speke Shipwreck
Sunrise behind the cliff that protects SS Speke Shipwreck

To view all the entries related to the trip, visit the Phillip Island 2021 trip page.

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