The Old Treasury Building

I almost didn’t go take photos of the Old Treasury Building because of how cold it was. I had planned, albeit not announced it, to go yesterday to the Old Treasury Building at night to take photos for The Lights of Melbourne project, and I ended up going.

I was happy that I would be able to go early to take the photos and come back early as well. And I did just that. There was a problem with last night’s photos, though. The problem was traffic.

The fact that the cars passed in front of the camera didn’t bother me, I actually wanted the red streaks running across the photo. The problem was the number of trams coming and going. Let me explain: the ideal spot to take photos of the Old Treasury Building is in front of the building, on the street, between the two sets of tracks of the trams.

Old Treasury Building

Since trams ran very constant that time of night, I could not risk trying to take photos of the building from there, not at that time. Don’t worry, I will try again when it is warmer so I can stay out later.

Having said that, I took photos from one of the corners (above) and then from right in front of the building (below). For the latter, I had to stitch together three photos in Lightroom to form a panoramic photo.

Old Treasury Building

They are good photos, but not great photos. I will mark the goal as completed, but I will still try again in a few months.

I have finally set up the project page for The Lights of Melbourne, now that I have at least three photos for the project. You can access the project using this link.

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