To keep myself busy and focused, I generally have a few projects running. These are the current active projects that I have happening.

The Joy Project

The Joy project is a way to explore what makes people happy, what brings them Joy. It is a project that I enjoy a lot because it is an uplifting subject: people’s happiness. In this project, I will embark in a journey… Read more

Old Treasury Building
The Lights of Melbourne

The Lights of Melbourne is a visual analysis of the landmarks in the city through long exposure.  The purpose is to capture all of… Read more

Self-Portrait in monochrome

Who are we? Who am I? A life can change from one instant to another. The Self-Portrait project is about documenting all the changes that happen to me in the next year and possibly beyond. This project is about self-discovery… Read more

Black and White in 5 Movements

Black and white photos can cause great impact, inspire a nostalgic feeling or create an environment of intimacy. Whatever the intent behind… Read more

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