Tenby Point

This is the final post of the photos from the Phillip Island trip I took May this year (don’t know if there are any other trips to Phillip Island on the cards yet).

My best composition at Tenby Point

Tenby Point was the first place my friend Stephen and I went for a photo shoot on the trip. Now, this post has the acceptable photos of the trip. The first photo (above) is the one with the best composition, the second photo (below) is the one with the best sky colors and the third photo (bottom) I am tossing up between hating it and loving it.

My best color variation at Tenby Point

The dispute between loving and hating of the third photo is that it is an interesting photo but I feel that it looks too much like an HDR image (which it is). I have been able to produce better looking HDRs, but there is something about this photo that I can’t turn away from it, but I can’t say it’s good either. If someone turned to me and said they LOVED the photo, I wouldn’t be surprised. Likewise, if someone said they HATED it, I wouldn’t be surprised either. I guess the photo achieved the purpose of questioning that art should do. Is it good, or is it bad?

Love it or hate it

To view all the entries related to the trip, visit the Phillip Island 2021 trip page.

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