Picnic at Royal Park

So yesterday I posted the photo of my first goal achieved for 2021: Peaceful Sunset. That photo was part of the picnic I did on Friday with my husband, a friend and Hughey (our puppy). I took a number of photos throughout our afternoon/evening, documenting the changing light and mood. I sent my mother a few photos and she mentioned that it looked very peaceful. She also mentioned that the photos in the order that I sent her told a story; a lovely peaceful sunset story in a hidden gem in the city.

And so, under the influence of her comment/praise, I present to you: Peaceful Sunset Picnic at Royal Park.

Late Afternoon City View
Hughey enjoying the sunset
Peaceful Sunset @ Royal Park
Evening City View

All the photos taken were hand held, as I did not take my tripod. If I had had a tripod (and I did think about taking one), the Evening City View would have been slightly different: the image would have had more details, as I would have used a higher aperture and longer exposure.

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