Sunrise Landscape

As part of my end-of-year trip, to Cronulla (yes, it happened, not even COVID-19 was able to jinx it!!), I tried to do a night sky photo and a sunrise photo. I wanted to actually, do a number of sunrise photos but weather and timing did not help.

I managed to go do a night sky photo, but the location was less than ideal and, despite having been able to take photos of the stars, the result was not great. The result was bad for two reasons: the first reason is that even in “remote” Sydney area, there is a lot of light pollution; the second reason is that the location was not very interesting and not “foreground” subject was available. The result was a few thousand bright dots on a black background, not fun at all.

What I did have a lot of fun was taking photos of the sunrise in Tuross Head, a small town on the drive back from Sydney to Melbourne. The sunrise was beautiful with a lot of interesting photo opportunities. There was even a lost pair of sunglasses in the water with a brave attempt (with success) to retrieve it.

I leave you with one of the successful photos of the sunrise.

Tuross Head Main Beach

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