These are my photographic goals grouped by year in which I (had) hope(d) to (or have) achieve(d) them. Some of the goals might start out very generic, such as “Wildlife Photography”, in which case this likely represents the first time I will be doing such a thing. Once I understand the mechanics of doing that type of photography, the next time around will be easier to be more specific as to what I hope to achieve that year.

Note: items with a ** beside them mean it will be stretch goals.



Black and White in 5 Movements

Looking to have at least 3 photos published for all five movements for the Black and White project. The movements are: Home, Portraits, Architecture, Street Photography and Landscape.

Planned Date: December/2022 || Executed Date: N/A


Complete the 52 weeks of Self-Portraits.

Planned Date: July-August/2022|| Executed Date: N/A

Couple’s Session

Take photos of a couple in diverse positions and moods.

Planned Date: September/2022 || Executed Date: N/A

Night Sky Composition

The objective of this goal is to take photos of the Milky Way shinning brightly behind something in the foreground.

Planned Date: October/2022 || Executed Date: N/A

Bucket List

  • Domestic Wildlife Photography
  • International Wildlife Photography

Previous Years


  • The Lights of Melbourne – Old Treasury Building – 09/07/2021
  • The Lights of Melbourne – Royal Exhibition Building – 17/04/2021
  • Studio Session – Not Executed
  • Peaceful Sunrise/Sunset – 27/02/2021
  • Night Sky Composition – Not Executed
  • Parameters Exercise – Not Executed


  • The Lights of Melbourne – Old Treasury Building – Not executed
  • The Lights of Melbourne – Victorian Parliament – Not Executed
  • The Joy of Riding a motorcycle – Joy Project – Not Executed
  • The Joy of ? – Joy Project – Not Executed
  • Studio Session – Not Executed
  • Scene Composition – Not Executed
  • Plane Spotting – A380 – Not Executed
  • The Lights of Melbourne – The Royal Exhibition Building** – Not Executed
  • Travel Photography** – Not Executed

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