Twenty Twenty Two

Funny thing is that for this year (2022), I have not set any goals. Why is that?

“Because life has just been a bit too messy” is the short answer. I could justify with what’s happening in my personal life, I could argue about the ongoing pandemic and the state of emergency (the State Government said) we are in, I could blame it on so many things.

Last year I fulfilled 4 of my 6 goals and that was just not good enough. I even put 6 goals because I thought anything more would be a stretch.

I’ve always been told that we need goals, especially when you are aspiring towards something. Am I aspiring to become a photographer? No and yes. I am unhappy in my current job, maybe my profession, but changing it to photography, which I love, might not be the solution.

Putting aside the salary/income, as I would take a REALLY long time to start making the money I currently make with the newly started photography profession, there is the issue of having a hobby (which doesn’t mean I can’t make money from my hobby) turn into a profession. I used to love “doing IT”, and now it seems to me that I want less and less to do with IT.

It might be because I’m in a position so far removed from what I used to do and love, it might be because the obligation to do it made the pleasurable activity into a forceful chore.

Re-iterating back o my “No and yes”. I will always aspire to be a better photographer, and will want to make money from it (to hopefully be able to buy equipment with the money earned), but I don’t want the obligation to do it.

If I have ONE goal for 2022, that would be to get a paid contract with photography. A bit of money to help out with my next camera (that, as it stands, it looks like it’s going to be well above AU$2000) and would help progress my passion.

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