I love writing on this blog and working on the site. I often have had to hold myself back to make sure I don’t give everything away in the blog or the pages of the site. My organization process was generally structured like this: core structured elements of my work I would put in my photography OneNote file; articulate my thoughts, ideas and results I would generally publish as posts in this blog.

Over time I noticed I was losing a lot of valuable information that I wanted to collect during photo shooting: notes about which filters were used in which shots, thoughts and ideas for why I couldn’t get something to work the way I wanted during the shoot or even observations around the surroundings of where the shoot happened. I also felt that I was missing opportunities when great ideas randomly came to my mind and I wasn’t in front of a computer or iPad.

To solve the items highlighted above, I have purchased a small notebook; no more than 5 x 7″. I love the size as it makes it easy to carry around, it allows me to easily navigate my scribing needs.

This little notebook I have started using for photography (for just over 20 days now) has helped me out a lot. I have taken it to The Old Treasury Building – The Lights of Melbourne project shoot, I have used it in testing the new filters among other things. Having a handy notebook is great.

Photography Notebook

It has also reduced the amount of things I write in this blog. Some of the posts that I would write in the blog section of Bernardo Brandao Photos are quick thoughts and potential research pieces. The same type of research piece that I have started writing in my notebook. I have planned my new project progression, I have written a few notes on my upcoming trip to the Great Ocean Road, made a table to write down the variables for the night photography part of the trip. I think the little notebook was one of the best investments I could have made to help me with my photography and ideas. I will no longer be articulating my thoughts and processes here as much as I used to, I will use this space more focused. Just need to understand more focused on what.

Note: the photo of the notebook was taken with my iPhone SE.

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