Life in Lockdown

So much that I wanted to be doing. Last weekend I could have gone out and taken photos around Melbourne, or even in close cities. Unfortunately Victoria is in lockdown because people who came from Sydney did not follow the advice/restrictions from that state nor from Victorian government.

We’ve been in lockdown 8 days and it is starting to get to me. I know I’ve been taking photos for my Self-Portrait project, but that is currently not enough for all the things I want to do in photography. It is also a bit worrying that in just over two weeks is my trip to the Great Ocean Road and it is a bit scary not knowing if it will happen.

Until lockdown ends, I will keep focusing on my Self Portrait project, which unfortunately for now is my only source of photography. I am taking it one day at a time.

With Self Portrait being the only focus I have at the moment in photography, lockdown and Winter are making me bring projects that I had planned doing only later in the year to earlier dates. My upcoming project for photography in black and white will be brought forward from October to August. It is a six month project where each month I will explore a theme and take photos in black and white. That does not mean that all photos from August to January will be in BW, but the ones that I take within the proposed theme of the month and specifically for the project, will be in BW. I’m calling the project “Black and White in Six Movements”. The month of August, when it is still very cold and there is a possibility of Victoria/Melbourne still being in lockdown, I will start with the theme of Home. Even though the themes have all been defines, I will only advertise the theme when I’m publishing the previous month’s photo (will only publish one photo per theme, even though I will have numerous photos were accepted as photos of the project).

The last item I wanted to highlight around lockdown is that, because there really isn’t a lot to do, I end up spending hours online shopping on amazon and other photo shops. I have recently purchased a second battery charger to put it in my travel easy-to-grab-and-go bag. Until such purchase, every time I went on a trip, I would have to find my Nikon battery charger, my AA/AAA battery charger (which I use for my non-travel photo work). If for whatever reason I forget to un-pack it, I generally take hours trying to remember where I last had it. With a dedicated bag, even if I leave it in the luggage, it is not far from where I will need it. The charger has arrived and I am very excited about it. Still deciding if the one that arrived will be the travel or the home charger (will likely write a post about the charger later).

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