It’s funny that after the post from last night, I come up with this one.

Winter is a horrible time in Melbourne, it’s rainy and cold and not a lot of colors (but there are some). Lockdown is in force, hopefully only until midnight, and as such I am stuck at home.

Things don’t really instantly become great, the imposing Winter only gradually eases up and only by Spring Equinox (or when astronomically Spring starts) do things actually start being better.

However, this time around, lockdown is taking a strong toll on me and I will likely force myself (cautiously) out of the house to photograph. I have my Great Ocean Road trip, which I’m hoping won’t be impacted by the residual restrictions, coming up but I will need to be out of the house more often between the ease of restrictions and the trip. In fact, it will likely have to go beyond the trip, probably until things start to warm up and I start feeling like the weather is inviting to be outside (Spring Equinox). For that reason, I have added a countdown to the site (on the footer of the pages) showing how many days until the equinox arrives. With that counter, I will be counting the days until the harsh grip of Winter releases me.

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