Winter is here

To be completely honest, I’m one of those that believe the seasons start and finish with the astronomical (?) events. For example: Winter starts on the longest night of the year, Spring and Autumn start when the day and night are of equal lengths and Summer starts on the shortest day of the year.

Unfortunately, this is NOT what’s in the mindset of the Australian Government. They randomly decided (many years ago) that, to make things easier, the seasons actually start on the first day of the month of when the astronomical events happen. As an example, today, 1st of June, is when Winter starts in this country. Similarly, Summer starts on 01/12, Autumn on 01/03 and Spring on 01/09. In all fairness, the Equinoxes aren’t that easy to remember when they happen (is it 21? is it 22, or is it 23?). Also, the ACTUAL Equinox varies from year to year (by a few hours that can be crucial to date setting), so generally an estimated date is set as the default for every year.

Why am I talking about Winter and seasons? Mainly because this generally becomes the time of the year when I become most dormant for photography. I struggle to have a drive for going out in the cold and have my fingers half frozen trying to press on the shutter release button. I distinctly remember when my husband and I were in our early days of dating and we went hiking on the Macedon Ranges. It was a great hike (quite cold), but at some point I lost any sensation of movement on my trigger (index) finger. At that point, I stopped taking photos during the hike so that I could keep my hands in my pocket.

So Winter starts again. For this season I have one project (goal) I can execute and that was planned accordingly, the studio session with a model. All other goals have been scheduled for when the weather is nicer and warmer. But, of the four goals I have to accomplish by end of Winter (although it is marked to be executed by end of July), I have delivered two and am have let one slip… and there is one to come. If the temperatures are not too cold, I will take the time to achieve the one I have not yet delivered, The Lights of Melbourne – Old Treasury Building. The studio session might need to be a home studio instead of booking out a real studio (which would cost $500+ for half a day – including the lighting) to do the shots.

So, for the months ahead, I’ll start to plan out what works during the cold season.

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