Planning the Next Trip

It’s so sad when I don’t have a (photo) trip planned. I know that in times of COVID, planning isn’t really a thing and travelling is very restricted. However, we are starting to think of the next trip. I love the fact that Stephen and Dean (my husband) want to go around Victoria taking photos (or doing drone footage). This really provides a great support for photographing.

Going with Dean only is generally a problem, he doesn’t really like to wake up early, and that does make me slightly less inclined to wake up for sunrise photos (which I love). Earlier this year, I went to Queenscliff alone for a few photos of lighthouses and had no issues getting out of an empty bed. Having Stephen around is great, because he will wake up early for the photo like I will. Taking photos of sunset, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult for me during the long summer days as I’m not good at staying up late.

Before we left Phillip Island last weekend, Stephen, Dean and I started planning our next photography trip: Great Ocean Road. We are still trying to sort things out, such as date, duration and locations. As it currently stands, the best time for all three of us to go is early August (a fair bit away). I’m really not keen on doing the Twelve Apostles, but there are many other options on that great road.

We are first looking for accommodations . The problem with that is that we need to know how many nights we are staying and where. I put together a proposal to Dean and Stephen and got positive responses. Before proceeding, though, we need to decide WHAT we want to photograph to know where and how long we are going to stay where.

The next few days/weeks we will look at our photos and try to work out the nights and accommodations. More to come.

I have already created a page for this trip and will keep it updated once we start getting more information on it. To see what I already have, please visit the Great Ocean Road Trip page.

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