The Great Ocean Road – Part 1

Things have started becoming more certain around the trip to The Great Ocean Road this year. Stephen and I have been in constant contact and it looks like the dates are starting to settle in.

The tentative weekend is going to be 12/08 (Friday) to 14/08 (Sunday). We are still working out the number of places to visit/photos to take, but with just 2 nights, we are bound to be looking at just 5 or 6 sites. Negotiations are still happening with Stephen, but we believe we will have a similar list to priority photos. We, obviously, will do a pit stop at the Twelve Apostles because otherwise it wouldn’t be a trip to the Great Ocean Road.

I have preemptively booked a cheap accommodation for one night in Apollo Bay for 12/08 and another one in Port Campbell for 13/08. I booked them because they were cheap, available and fully refundable (payable at reception). The booking was more of a back-up in case we didn’t find anything else along the way.

Nothing is set in stone until I book my leave, the time comes (and there are no active lockdowns) and everything else is ok.

Until then, we keep planning.

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