Lunar Eclipse

I know a lot of people stayed up to take photos of the super blood moon, but I didn’t. But I did go out and take a few photos of the moon right before it was completely covered by our planet.

Below is one of the better photos that I took yesterday. Only today did I noticed the little blue spot to the left of the moon. Upon further zoom, it kind of looks like a galaxy and the ISS or a satellite (in 300%+ zoom). So, I didn’t do the research, but it appeared there.

The photo I took with Big Bertha. I had A LOT of issues yesterday with the photos as the remote control I took was not working. So I had to do the whole three seconds post mirror up before the photo was taken. But in most cases, the camera/lens combination was still shaking even after the three second… there was something off with me yesterday and I just could not get things to work properly…

So there it is, my attempt to take a photo of the eclipse of the super moon.

Super Moon Eclipse

This is an astrophotography photograph.

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