Woodend Trip

The Woodend Trip is in jeopardy. Yesterday our Premier announced that the number of current cases in Victoria has put us in a five day lockdown. Why would a five day lockdown put a trip that’s over 20 days away in jeopardy?

Last time our Premier put us in a two week lockdown, we ended up staying four months locked inside our homes, going out only for essential reasons. So, it the lockdown extends for more than the 20 days, we are unlikely to be able to keep the booking for the Woodend Trip. If this is the case, then all the planning that went into this trip will have been fruitless (for now).

I had a couple of goals planned for this trip: peaceful sunrise and night sky composition. Both can be achieved in other trips or other set ups, but I had my eyes set on doing it in that trip.

If the trip is cancelled, then we will see when we may schedule it again. This also being the case, it means that a long weekend will be wasted locked up at home, instead of exploring the beautiful state I live in. All we can do now is wait.

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