Melbourne and the Ring of Steel

Thankfully restrictions are reducing and from 5km we are now allowed to go up to 25km. There still is a separation between Melbourne and Regional Victoria, but hopefully that will be dropped before the end of the year – the infamous Ring of Steel.

I understand why the restrictions were put in place and agree that it had to be done, but this has caused a lot of grief to a lot of people. A lot of mental health cases from being locked up for so long. As I have documented in this blog, I have been more or less trapped-in residence since the 20th of March, that will complete 6 months tomorrow.

I miss travelling, not only air travel, but road trips as well (short or long). By mid-October last year, I had: done the Pink Lake trip, Easter trip, trip do Daylesford, the Snow trip and a trip to Phillip Island (five major trips). I had also the ability/right to leave the home for any reason, including photography. I had done at least 3 photoshoots of people, 2 photoshoots for the Joy project.

This year, prior to my trip to the US, where the return is the mark of the beginning my incarceration (arriving back exactly 1 week after I left), I had only done a few trips with my dad, who came for my wedding. We went to Phillip Island, Lorne (and the Great Ocean Road) and Sydney. But that was it; a lot packed in a little time.

Let’s go back on track: so today we can go out up to 25km, but we are still restricted to the reasons to go out. Photographing (non-work related) is not one of them. But on 02/11 that will change. This new range still doesn’t get me out of the metropolitan area – and the ring of steel would still be a barrier, but I can do more interesting photography: Royal Park to take a photo of the city, Botanic Gardens, walk in the city, the Yarra River running through the CBD, even a Lights of Melbourne photo might in the cards.

I miss a few things that I was able to do “out in the west” (which doesn’t mean I won’t do them when restriction ease even more). I loved going to the Science Works museum in Spotswood, having a stroll through the Newport Nature reserve, or even Cherry Lake. Taking a walk (and photographing) in Altona and Williamstown beaches seem very nostalgic in a day like today.

So, what’s next? After the ring of steel is dissolved and we are allowed out of the metropolitan Melbourne again, we are likely to go on a trip. We need to start planning something nice and quiet. I figure most of the very touristy areas will be packed with everyone doing the same thing, so we need to look at hotels/accommodations in places where there would not be a lot of movement. Here is to start planning the trip.

Before I go, I would like to highlight that I’m taking the Uluru trip down from the menu. The posts will still refence the page, which will still be available. When we restart thinking about the trip, I will put up the link in the menu once more.

Note: the hero image was taken from the ABC’s site on the 25km radius due to corona virus restrictions ease. I hold no rights over it.

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