I took this recipe out of a book about “100 easy to cook” Korean recipes. It’s not that it’s hard to cook, but… Bibimbap is comprised of way too many small individual parts to make it feasible for weeknight dinners. I think this is why I had never cooked it before.

And then there was the issue with chili. So, I am tolerant to chili (maybe not to full Sichuan dishes…) but Dean isn’t. And when I was making the Kung Pao/Gong Bao mushroom, I was able to handle it without issues but Dean wasn’t. As a consequence, he got a bit traumatized. So I tried not to add too much of the Tangy Chili sauce to the/his dish. He really didn’t like the Bibimbap until he discovered it was missing the chili sauce. When he tried the sauce and saw that it added to the heart of the dish, he liked it. But again, both he and I don’t seem to think it is an appropriate dish for a week night. Maybe if you already naturally have the seasoned veggies as a staple in your home (as a Korean family would), then it would be something easy you can just throw together for dinner.


This and other photos of my food can be found in the Dinner album.

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