A walk in the reserve

Today I decided to take a walk in the reverse close by “early” in the morning – I left home at 9:00 am. I prepared myself with my faithful 70-300 mm so I could take photos of nature/wildlife. I kept in my mind the comments that were made by my nature photography group and was determined to not have camera shake when using the zoom.

To do this, I cranked up the ISO to 800+ and made the shutter speed as fast as I could within reason of what could be increased in lightroom later without compromising the photos.

Needless to say I was completely unsuccessful. All of the photos below have a slight camera shake in them. With this experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will always need a tripod when dealing with nature/wildlife.

I really like the results, despite the camera shake. It was very entertaining seeing the Australian Red Wattle bird trying to eat the gnats flying around. I really like the negative space to the left of the Pacific Black Duck on its second photo, but I don’t like that I cut the top of head from the reflection .

It was a good morning that I had.

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