The heart of Australia

And so, in the sadness of not being able to plan or execute any photography that isn’t confined to the perimeter of the house, a light was shown onto me. I finally found a worthy trip to do: Uluru!

Uluru is in the middle of Australia, in the harsh Outback. It has a lot of symbolism to the Aboriginals. This is why we will tread with respect.

My husband and I will take a 10 day holiday to drive to Uluru, probably sometime between September and November. Details will be fleshed out from now to the day we drive out. A few things are certain, though; the road is pretty clear, according to Google Maps.

The drive to Uluru

We will likely take one way to get to Uluru, and the other to get back to Melbourne. Still up in the air which will be which. But, as part of the trip, the route that goes through Mildura, passes Sea Lake/Lake Tyrrell (pink/salt lake), which is the road trip I did last year with friends.

Alternitevly, going through Adelaide, we visit another pink lake. Either route is very exciting and it will be a great opportunity to see more of Australia than Melbourne/Victoria and Sydney. True that I’ve been to Cairns and Gold Coast, but this will be grass roots.

The trip is 24 hours driving, which I figured it’s 3 8-hour days. Going through Mildura, our first night would be in Morgan, about 1.5 hour into South Australia. If we go through Adelaide, the first stop is in Adelaide. Would we just stop or spend a day or two there?

We also need to think of food stops. If we leave at 9:00am, do a lunch break between 12:00-12:30pm (giving the half hour to find a friendly town with a good cafe). A snack halfway through the afternoon and dinner in the city/town we will sleep in.

At that pace, we should arrive in our sleep city/towns between 6-6:30pm if we make it exactly a 8 hour drive (plus the lunch break and/or toilet breaks).

I am very excited. We will stop to photograph wildlife (mostly kangaroos, I’m guessing), the scenery and some interesting landmarks. The planning work starts NOW!

Note: I hold no rights over the map used, it is a screenshot taken of Google Maps.

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