But there is more!

As it was clear in my previous Uluru trip post, there is a lot to do in Uluru and I’ve just started exploring it.

My expectation was to go to Yulara (for sleeping and meals), watch the sunrise onto Uluru, watch the sunset behind the landmark and hike around it during the day.

Today I discovered that Uluru is great, BUT THERE IS MORE! About 40 minutes West of Yulara, there is Mount Olga, a formation of beautiful red rocks where you can hike in between the mounds. The photos in google make it seem amazing.

Results for google image search on Mount Olga

That would fill up the day/s as we wait for sunrise and sunset. But there is more! I know it’s a long drive, but here is Kings Canyon Walk! It is about 3 hours and 15 minutes from Yulara (by car) just north of it, but you have to do a bit of driving eastward before you can go North.

It is, as is Olga, red mounds rising from the ferrous soil below. It has a beautiful canyon that you can walk in close to the water. If we go, I’m hoping my photos will be stunning (will take the new wide angle lens to photograph from within the canyon – because that’s how you use a wide angle lens!).

I am very excited and Dean and I have (just) started looking at accommodation in Yulara. Tune in for more information.

Note: The feature image was not taken by me and I hold no rights over it. It was taken from the site https://www.australiangeographic.com.au/

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