COVID-19 Quarantine Day 6 – Throwing out the garbage

Days left in quarantine: 8

One of the things we don’t think about is the garbage. Until you are in quarantine, you go about your business and when the bin gets full, you throw it in the municipal collection bin (outside). Well, when you share a backyard with a 86 year old lady (Dean’s lovely grandmother) during COVID-19 quarantine, you really can’t go out every time the bin gets full. Especially if the municipal collection bin is full.

This was one of our challenges so far: throwing out the garbage. Because we can’t really just walk up to the (municipal) recycling or garbage bins, we need to store all our garbage in the only place that Nana won’t go: inside. The garbage started stinking and the bin was so full we were leaving onion peels in the sink. But, the garbage man came by and emptied out the bin. So we immediately took all our garbage out: I put on my mask, put on gloves, Glen 20 sprayed my gloves, knotted the garbage bag, Glen 20ed the garbage bag, took the bag to the empty bin, Glen 20ed the bin.

Dean woke up in a better mood. He has been thinking of projects to do while he is in quarantine, in parallel with his work (he had a work meeting yesterday). He will have to think of what else he could do while the lock down laws are in place and we have left quarantine.

The day progressed normally: work, Dean napping in the morning, lunch etc. I did make a napoli sauce from some of the passatta we have at home to randomly use on pasta or parma (I make a lighter version of parma, no crust – although we only have tasty cheese which is very fatty).

We got a new set of groceries delivered by my mother-in-law. This was triggered by Dean needing bread to eat for breakfast (god forbid he have burger buns for breakfast, lol). We have managed to significantly reduce the items in the fridge, but not the freezer yet. The only way we found to be able to put stuff away, was to put more things on the couch in my study (where the apocalypse supplies are currently located).

The photo of the study couch shows 2 packs of 12 rolls of toilet paper. In times like these, we are very lucky to have had family buy them for us. It also means that we have enough toilet paper to get us to October, as we use about 1 roll per week.

After work, I got to the kitchen and started cooking dinner: Salmon with broiled vegetables. Dean said it was one of my better foods. I’m happy he liked it.

The whole COVID-19 Quarantine project is available on this page.

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