COVID-19 Quarantine Day 7 – Half way there

Days left in quarantine: 7

Today marks the half way mark of our quarantine. Dean and I have had a few arguments that are the result of the lack of space for both of us to have “me time”, but all-in-all we are keeping it together.

I feel sorry for Dean with his broken foot. Not only can he not do stuff, but he also feels a lot of pain when trying to do even the most banal activity, such as going to the bathroom. Can’t wait until we are out of here and the doctors ready to operate on his foot (fingers crossed).

Yesterday in the evening, I started with a small dry cough. Dean said I coughed all night long, although it was not enough to wake me up. This is the first possible symptom of COVID-19. The cough has started progressing to a more well developed, fuller (wetter) cough throughout the day.

Because Dean presented a significant amount of symptoms over the past 7 days, we decided to both go and get tested. Dean’s symptoms were: headache, diarrhea, muscle aches (not related to the foot injury), cough, loss of appetite and sore throat. So we got ourselves tested at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

On that note, they collect your spit, do a throat and nose swab, and collect blood. The nose swab is REALLY uncomfortable. It’s been more than 2 hours since I got the nose swab and I still have a headache from it.

Anyway, on the way back we got takeaway Japanese and had it home.

The whole COVID-19 Quarantine project is available on this page.

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