Practicing Portraiture

Because I have my Portraits project I have been looking at how to improve my model directing skills. This is required to help get the subjects of my Portraits project in an interesting pose and still look relaxed in front of the camera.

This is, by no means, an easy feat. A lot of people freeze when the lens is pointed at them. As pointed out in my post earlier today with the photos taken on Tuesday, Dean basically looked very awkward when he wasn’t in a position he wanted to be in (or felt comfortable in). The only two that I could make use of, were the two where he was holding my crystal lens ball.

To improve/increase my directing skills, I will start photographing friends and models (hired models). This will help me find the right words, provide the right feedback to the model as to what he/she needs to do.

I am planning a photo shoot this weekend with a friend of mine, one when I come back from the Easter holiday with a model (Dean’s friend) and another one on 18/05 with another friend of mine. I hope that by the end of these sessions I will be more comfortable in directing models and will start taking it out to the world!

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