Of Bike and Men

Dean has a new bike. Well, he’s had it for just over a month now. And we really hadn’t done much in the sense of photographing it.

With this whole talk of the portraits I’ve been wanting to do, and getting a model to help me out, one of his friends, who is a model, suggested taking photos of Dean and his bike. So, late on Tuesday, Dean insisted in me taking photos of him on the bike. He really wanted photos of him riding the bike, but because of how late it was, the auto-focus and shutter speeds did not allow for good photos.

From that session, I tried getting him to model for me. Dean himself isn’t a model, but the idea of the exercise is to help me direct a model, i.e. a subject of a photo-shoot, to get good outcomes. It is quite difficult directing people, I discovered. In most of the photos Dean seemed very stiff and uncomfortable and only two of the photos, shown in the gallery below, came out decent. This was more for the exercise of getting him to be in a good photo, not necessarily about the place where the photos were taken.

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