Progress with what we can’t see

I decided to take some photos today, especially because my friend of whom I was going to take a photo of bailed out on me.

As a result, I decided to start looking at what to do with the “What the Eyes Can’t See” project. I know I’m not ready to take photos for it, as I am still experimenting on the treatment I will do on the IR photos. I also need more interesting scenery to explore. The backyard is quite limiting and I feel it had nothing to add anymore.

Still, I used the tools I had: half way through the afternoon, I went out and in less than 10 minutes I did a test shoot: took a few colored photos, a few IR photos and a single photo for post-production IR white balance.

Below is the result. As I mentioned, my IR photography is still a bit flat, and may require some Photoshop skills development from my end.

Fully Colored Photo
IR Photo

So far, there is nothing the eye can’t see.

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