The Engagement Party

To say I was the photographer in my own engagement party would be a false statement.  As one of the members of the party getting engaged, I was more in front of the camera than behind it.

Having said that, at the very end of the night, I did pick up my camera to take a few photos.  Before that, I set up the studio background, a couple of tripods (one for the camera and one for the light) and a remote.  The idea was that people would just stand in front of the camera and take photos of themselves.  Every now and again, I would go and print them out in my Selphy printer (a portable photo printer).

The idea worked more or less, not as successful and I would have wanted.  But that’s alright, I got about 100 shots of the whole night.

Here is one of the test photos.

20181201-BB-Engagement Party-009-0011

I will soon resume my photography activities, just trying to get things back in gear.

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