Annie Leibovitz At Work (source - I do not hold the rights to this image

New Project

I will do a whole project on Portraits. I thought that I could start with my own. I care a lot about my self-image and I loved the photo I posted of me on the day of my engagement party. Now that I have the all (most) of the material required for a studio, I can actually make a decent self-portrait, and from that, I will continue with portraits of others.

Where did this come from?

It came from a book of Anne Leibovitz with a lot of portraits in them. I don’t have the book (yet), but the few pages I was able to look at in the book store were enough to get me interested in doing portraits. I will first start with small “in-studio” portraits and then evolve into more sophisticated portraits.

Annie Leibovitz At Work (source - I do not hold the rights to this image

It’s not that I don’t already get a good portrait here and there. It’s just that they are almost accidental. I mean that in the sense that it wasn’t a throughly planned out portrait; they are generally part of a bigger thing: a party or a trip.

Starting with studio portraits will also help me work with flashes: on and off camera flashes. 1, 2 or even 3 flashes. It will help me work with different distances of the flash to the subject, with different intensities and diffusion.

Note: I hold no rights over the Annie Leibovitz image, it was taken from

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