New Equipment

*There really hasn’t been anything exciting in terms of photography happening with me at the moment.  I haven’t really been out and about taking photos, mostly because Dean and I have been very busy with ‘life’.  This Saturday is our engagement party, and between family events (not very interesting) and getting ready for the party, we’ve been flat out.

Recently (last week) Black Friday happened, and then this week Cyber  Monday.  As a result, I ended up buying a bit more than we needed on Amazon.  As part of this endeavour, I have purchased a studio backdrop, studio lights and light stands with umbrellas.  From those, only the stands with umbrellas have not arrived.  I have put together the studio backdrop and the lights (although no bulbs at the moment) and it’s pretty great.

Neewer (portable) Studio

I will take the opportunity of the engagement party and set up the backdrop with my small camera (D3300) and a light (on another regular tripod) and allow people to take remote (control) photos of themselves against the black backdrop.  Something like what celebrities do at events (except this won’t have the event name and sponsors in the background).  It will the first time I use my new stuff.  I am very excited about it and will post the results online (with people’s permission).

Note: I hold no rights over the Neewer (portable) Studio photo, it was taken from

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