The Great Ocean Road – Part 2

We are less than a month away from the trip and COVID-19 related state wide lockdown is in place. Don’t know if it will affect the trip, seeing as we have at least 3 weeks until the trip. However, in this uncertain environment, we never know.

Reviewing what I have researched so far, I think I can, more or less, plan the first day. If Dean and I are able to leave early for the trip, i.e. be in the car on the way at 9am, we would get to the Kalimna Falls around 11:30am. Let’s say we wrap up everything in 2 hours, that means we would have lunch at Lorne around 2pm (very late for lunch) – so we will need to bring a sandwich to eat at the Falls. From my understanding, Stephen will start his journey at lunchtime, so that should bring us together at Lorne for the very late lunch.

From Lorne, we should drive to Apollo Bay and get there around 4pm (if lunch isn’t too long). I would like to visit the lighthouse before it is dark, so we may drive straight to it. Hopefully we can check-in around 6 or 7 pm. We would check-in, have dinner and head out to photograph the Lighthouse. Then again, we could just check-into the motel, grab dinner and photograph from sunset to milky way. This still needs to be discussed with Stephen and Dean.

If we would go to the Redwood Forest in the Great Otway National Park early-ish in the morning, on our way to Port Campbell, we may avoid people congestion.

To view all the details related to the trip, visit the Great Ocean Road trip page.

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