Lockdown 4

Last week Victoria went into lockdown due to a COVID leak from hotel quarantine in Adelaide. The victorian based traveler got the all clear to leave the hotel and a few days later started feeling symptoms and tested positive for the virus. The variant he contracted was a highly contagious one and because of that, the quick spread of the virus in Victoria warranted a “circuit breaker” lockdown.

Enough about why we are in lockdown. The fact is that we are and that is causing a bit of photo anxiety on me. After such a relaxing weekend in Phillip Island, I want to go out and photograph again. Unfortunately, this won’t be possible. Maybe this is why I have been so focused on the Great Ocean Road trip, something to look forward to in times of constraints.

I won’t let the lockdown stop me from photographing. Between today and tomorrow, I will go out in the backyard (and adjacent park) to see if there is anything worth photographing. I’ll be looking at macro opportunities. I know I have a few mushrooms to look at, but I don’t know how good they look as the weather is getting increasingly colder. I also have some African daisies on the side or our driveway, which might be another opportunity… although, I have photographed a lot of African daisies.

I will start taking a physical log/journal to my photographic expeditions, i.e. anytime I go out to photograph. The reason for this is that when I went to Phillip Island and started taking photos (I think it was at Tenby Point, but it may have been at SS Speke shipwreck) I decided to change the filters “for the sole purpose of writing here about the effects of the new filters”. I generally mark these photos with either an overexposed photo or underexposed. The problem was that ended up not being sure which photo had which filters in the end. Some of the effects of the filters can be simulated or cancelled out depending on the development of the photo in Lightroom. And so, I lost track of what filters were in which photos (the warming filter is the easiest one to identify, the others are harder to single out when it is being used).

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