Human nature

After an excessively (for my standards) active photographic period, I’ve hit a lull. Well, a cooling period while I organize my things. This doesn’t mean I’m not doing photo related things, on the contrary. Because I’ve had to reduce my hours executing photographic related things to deal with a few non-photographic things, it is helping me to plan out the few things I need.

The first thing I’m looking at is Phillip Island and Corinella. We are taking the trip in 1.5 weeks and I need to make sure I’ve done all the studies I want for the photos. I’m quite excited about the prospect of having THREE nights to attempt astro-photography. It will be exciting!

The second thing is the Joy Project. My husband has decided he is very interested in participating in this project. He has recently spent a lot of time flying and fixing drones, and (right now) this is his Joy. I can’t wait to do the project (probably next weekend).

The third thing I’m organizing is what to do with the number of responses I got from my call-out on Facebook about models. I got a total of fours/five acceptances: three/four males and one female (all friends). So, I had Cintia accept doing the photos, but I still have not come up with what to do with her. One of my (male) acceptances (for two people) was for photographing a couple. That one will be a straight forward one. The other two male acceptances were of friends who just want to have fun with photos. Both said that they are ok if the photos are raunchy (and/or nude), even though this is not what I’m going for at the moment (again, AT THE MOMENT).

As such, I was already struggling to find a good theme for Lucas’ photo shoot and I would need another idea for my other friend Robert. That’s when I remembered I had started writing up the ‘paperwork’ for another project just before my birthday (yes, about two months ago). The project revolves around Human Nature. The idea is that I will take photos that represent, or are related to, aspects of the Human Nature. The photos can either be stand-alone, or illustrate a part of a story (from literature, religious text or music) that depicts an aspect of Human Nature. This project provides me with opportunities to take photos of more than one person at a time with a purpose and theme. Who knows, I might even be able to bring in Cintia for the project.

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