No-go: Lakes Entrance

It is with a heavy heart that I cancelled the Lakes Entrance trip.

There are just too many things happening at the moment and I would not be able to pull off that trip as well as the Phillip Island one. All things considered, Phillip Island is a longer lasting trip (number of nights), less hours driving and cheaper. So in the choosing of which trip I was willing to make, I chose Phillip Island.

That does not mean, by any means, that I won’t visit Lakes Entrance. It means that, for the time being, the trip in on hold. It also means that I may be lucky enough to, when I decide to re-vamp the trip to Lakes Entrance, I may get a better season for it: where markets are opened, when it is a bit warmer and when all the Buchan Caves are opened to the public.

So for now (at least for the next foreseeable season), I will remain in Central South Victoria.

Note: Map images are screen shots of google maps, I hold no rights over them.

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