Goals 2021 – the Revenge

I personally never thought that setting goals would be this difficult.

Why do I say that?

I guess the fact that I’m travelling a lot more has got me to focus on other things that are not in my goals. Those goals were set in very uncertain times last year. I didn’t know what travelling would look like, I didn’t know what my path forward with photography would be.

I didn’t know I was going to want to invest in landscape photography.

I have to say that, if I stick to the goals currently established, I will likely fail to complete all of them. Not going to say that I WILL fail, especially because we don’t know tomorrow, but there is a high probability. Below is the list as I published it before new years:

  • The Lights of Melbourne – Old Treasury Building
  • The Lights of Melbourne – Victorian Parliament
  • Studio Session
  • Portrait Home Studio Session
  • The Joy of ? – Joy Project
  • Scene Composition

I won’t remove everything, I think certain things need to remain to help me drive some of the things. But I don’t want to narrow my narrative down so much. So this is the new proposal for my goals.

  • The Lights of Melbourne – Old Treasury Building
  • Night Sky Composition
  • Studio Session
  • Peaceful Sunrise/Sunset
  • Parameters Exercise
  • The Lights of Melbourne – Royal Exhibition Building

Now, as you can see, I dropped Scene Composition and Joy Project. It is not that I won’t do Joy Project, but getting people to volunteer for, or even accept an invitation to participate in the project is very difficult. I would rather focus my energy in the creative and technical part of my goals than in this persuasion game. As such, I will forfeit those two items.

The Lights of Melbourne – Victoria Parliament was dropped because the building still has work being done on it and no expected termination date in this year. This would be shooting myself on the foot. I will add it in next year, depending how progressed the work is.

I did add two items that I am planning on executing in this trip. Why? Not to say I have completed, but to align my goals a bit more with the work that I want to do and am finding exciting.

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