Chickens (16 of 52)

Week 16 was a “normal” week. This weekend the dog we were taking care for went home, HORAY!!! It is bitter sweet to see him go, as he was such a good dog and so warm, but there were issues with his presence in our home, as I may have highlighted in other posts. He left yesterday and I still had time to take good photos today.

The Chickens

We had been hearing some crowing these past few days. Crowing, to me, means only one thing: we have a rooster. Talking to a friend who owns a farm he mentioned that chickens can sometimes crow, even though it is not the norm.

Today I was able to discover which one of the three it was. I was not surprised to discover that it was Valentina. Why? IF chickens can crow as well, then I would say that she would be the best candidate. She is the alfa chicken, she has an aggressive behavior (similar to that of a rooster) and randomly attack her sisters and Hughey. Today she even jumped with her talons out, and grabbed onto Hugheys neck with them, pecked his ear and would not let go. Poor Hughey whimpered, I don’t know if by surprise/shock or pain. She walks like she owns the backyard.

Dolores is significantly taller than the other two and is doing well. She is never phased by Hughey, especially now that Valentina is putting him in his place.

Consuelo will forever be afraid of everything. She is the smallest and lightest of the three. To avoid being picked up, she generally flies following me when I pick up one of her sisters and move them.


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