Off season at St. Leonards

Not really “off season”, I guess off season for us.

Like I’ve mentioned in this blog a few times, we spend Easter long weekend at St. Leonards as a family (Dean, myself, Dean’s dad and step mother, sometimes Dean’s brother or grandmother). Because of COVID-19, travelling was out of the question for Easter this year, so we didn’t do anything.

Now that the restrictions have eased up, and we’ve had 15 consecutive days of 0 new cases in Victoria and 0 deaths, we (as a family) are more confident about going out on a holiday. Dean’s father is of the same feeling and loves trips with the family. So, to make this year count for SOMETHING, he’s organized a trip to St. Leonards on 11/12, just for the weekend. St Leonards is 1.5 hours from here, so a long weekend is fine. I will probably work the afternoon remotely, or might take the afternoon off, still to be decided.

But there you go: very excited about one of the few trips this year. I will take my photo gear and Hughey!!! It will be great!

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