Sunset Picnic

So, I am planning a sunset picnic after yesterday’s post about the Ring of Steel. I loved the idea of taking photos of the city from the “running circle” in Royal Park. I will go to the circle Friday week (30/10) after work, probably get there around 6:30-7:00pm and meet friends there for the picnic. I will set up the camera on the tripod facing the city. We start the picnic and as the golden hour starts, I will periodically look at the light hitting the city and photograph appropriately. The expected sunset on that day is at 7:52pm.

Alternatively, my husband has suggested doing something similar at the Tan. The Tan is a good place for a picnic, but because it is lower than the city (in relation the sea level), makes it difficult to get a profile shot of the city. I would have to do some prep-work to discover if it would work. To be fair we can do both, just in different dates.

Royal Park View of the City

Note: the hero image/map for this post is taken from Google Maps and edited to indicate the idea of the plan for the picnic. I hold no rights over the satellite image used as the base layer.

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