Alice Springs

As I mentioned in my previous post, these restrictions the government has imposed upon us is really affecting me. More because I (currently) live in a very small place and have nowhere to go and take photos (freely).

But today I will try to take a more upbeat approach and look into the future, when this is all over and my husband and I can go on our Uluru trip.

Today I started looking into Alice Springs, which is one of the stops of our trip. It is in the middle of the red desert (as is Uluru) and has a lot of tracks and visiting places around it.

Things that might be noteworthy to visit around Alice Springs (to be further assessed later):

  1. Olive Pink Botanic Garden
  2. Alice Springs Desert Park
  3. Ilparpa Swamp Wildlife Protected Area
  4. Kuyunba Conservation Reserve
  5. Standley Chasm
  6. Tjoritja / West MacDonnell National Park
  7. Finke Gorge National Park

Now, just to highlight, these are the interesting things/hikes that we could do. I have not yet done any research on them and will likely become upcoming posts on the trip. I will also add them to the Uluru Trip Journal as part of the research (in this case, to be done) for the trip.

I have not yet measured the distances to see viability of them becoming a day trip and also have not seen how many we could do in a day (we will likely only have 9 days between Uluru and Alice Springs).

More planing to come.

Note: I hold no rights over the map image, it was a screenshot from google maps.

P.S. On lower left part of the map, it is already possible to see Watarrka National Park, where Kings Canyon Walk is situated.

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