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The state government is easing down on the restrictions for COVID-19. As of today, schools will gradually restart and by July, most of the services will be functioning again. They will have some restrictions on how they function, but mostly to keep a safe distance from other people.

My understanding is that a lot of these will start coming into effect midnight between 31/05 and 01/06. That means that this weekend (with a beautiful sunny Saturday) will not fall under the new restrictions. I will double check on the department’s website and confirm the days. I am thinking I just might go to the reserve with my tripod and take some photos… and who knows, the long weekend is just around the corner and might do a day trip… as there is a possibility of a Joy photoshoot.


    1. I’m sorry you can’t see the photo on your mobile device. This blog was not designed to be seen on a phone, but more on a device that has a landscape display (such as a 9.5’ inch display tablet in landscape mode or on a computer monitor). You should be immersed in photography and art (in general) and a mobile device really restricts the experience. Try looking at it from a 27 inch high definition display 🙂


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