Mental Health

I really can’t take photos outside at the moment, and as a consequence, I’m starting to not enjoy looking at other people’s photos either. Everything is just bad (I was going to say sh*t, but decided to keep the blog at a respectable level) at the moment.

When I look at a photo that I would at another time find interesting, I think to myself: all these photos look the same now; nothing creative being developed.

I have not been completely inactive. I have been trying to do interesting things so I have been baking. I have been trying to document my baking endeavors in my other blog – The Amateur Artisan. But even that’s not doing the trick. (I know it looks like this is a call to action to visit my other blog, but it isn’t – but you could still go and check it out.)

This is not good and it is a consequence of how much I am struggling with the confinement in such as small space for such a long time. It is deeply impacting my mental health and my marriage. I need space, I need inspiration, I need time for myself.

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