Not happening

Yes, my photos just are not happening. Mostly because there are no real opportunities at the moment to go out to photograph. Maybe next Monday the government will relax the restrictions and we’ll be able to work more on photographing outside the house.

Speaking of which, I have been photographing in the house. To pass the innumerous hours of being locked up at home, I have restarted doing older hobbies: cooking.

I started “The Amateur Artisan” – because anything that’s not IT related, I’m an amateur. It is a parallel to what I do here, except there I talk about pickling, bread making and cheese making. Cheese making will be a fair bit away as I don’t have the space (or gear) to do it where I currently live. So, that makes me focus on bread making and pickling.

I estimate that pickling will die soon, but bread making will be a longer running activity.

Here are some of the photos I took to for my posts in the other blog.

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