What happens next?

Victorian Premier has pushed the state of emergency declared to 11/05, basically another month of “social isolation”. As I expect, all my projects will be pushed back, and reduced in ambition because of the current crisis.

What am I doing to progress with photography?

At the current state I’m reading a lot of books. I’ve recently started reading a book about landscape photography. The interesting thing is that people (amateurs like me) to spend their vacation on a photography trip. Which is exactly what I want to do.

The photographer in question camps out to get the sun rising, goes on wild adventures to get the shot. That is what I want to do, but not necessarily with landscape photography, I want to photograph wildlife. I will take landscape photos also, but my main focus will be trying to get the shot of a wild animal.

He also mentioned that when he goes photo-vacationing, that he takes all his equipment, he doesn’t travel light. Based on my latest trip (to the US), I would agree that I’m getting in par with that principle. For me to be successful with that, though, I need to buy a proper carry-on for my equipment.

But that is what’s next: looking at my wildlife photographic trip.

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