Non-Quarantine: Social Isolation

I’m a law abiding citizen. For that reason, I tend to follow the law and the advice (even if I don’t always agree with it) from my government. In regards to COVID-19, the recent corona virus pandemic, the guidelines for dealing with it is:

  1. Stay 1.5 m away from others
  2. Everyone should stay home unless you are: shopping for essentials, receiving medical care, exercising or travelling to work or education.
  3. Etc

Now, photography doesn’t fall under the second item, even though I could do my Lights of Melbourne project without actually interacting with anyone. I have a very important question: if I decide to go and do my Lights of Melbourne, or even plane spotting for the A380 (that has to be severely postponed due to the lack of incoming/outgoing flights at the moment), will I get fined? Most of the interactions with others will be non-existent because those particular projects are about objects, not people.

ISO 400, 105mm, f/14, 1/100 sec.

Anyway, I’m really struggling to understand what I can and can’t do. That is also affecting what I photograph and the desire to go out and do it. This time of the year, I am generally at St. Leonard’s enjoying a nice long Easter Weekend with the family.

This year is different, and I’m finally coming to terms with the reality. Here is a little mushroom I found in the back lawn this morning.

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