COVID-19 Quarantine Day 8 – Results

Days left in quarantine: 6

Yesterday we went to the Royal Melbourne Hospital to get tested for COVID-19. We got tested because between Dean and myself, we had a number of symptoms for the virus.

To my relief, at 9:50 am today, I got a message from the hospital saying that I had tested negative for the virus. Dean was tense all day today because I had got the news quickly and he was still waiting. Later in the day, Dean got his message confirming he was negative also.

A number of photos today were about being happy that we are negative, but we still have 6 days left until we are all clear.

Today, I have come to the conclusion that, while we are in quarantine, every other meal Dean has is homemade pasta with homemade napoli sauce. He is too funny.

I also discovered today, in my 10 minutes outside, that the dahlia I thought was my pink and white, was actually my purple dahlia. That became very apparent when I saw the pink and white dahlia in bloom!

The whole COVID-19 Quarantine project is available on this page.

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