Wildlife Photography

All this talk of goals has made me want to do wildlife photography.

Every time I see “behind the scenes” of this type of photo, I always see smiling photographers with cubs (of any sort) coming up to play with them or even grown cheetahs curiously wandering within the group.

I want that!

Also, I look at the beautiful wildlife photography: an eagle diving to catch fish that are just on the surface of the lake, a lioness ready to pounce, a flock of birds walking on shallow reflective water.

I want that!

It won’t be in my goals this year and probably won’t be part of my goals for 2021. I will start planning a (likely international) wildlife photography trip for 2022.

I have worked it out in my head how to go about it. Melbourne has a number of photo clubs, most of them driven (or advertised) by the photo stores! These clubs/classes/groups organize trips to do just this sort of photography. If there are interesting domestic wildlife photography to be taken, say in Tasmania, in the Outback or even across the pond to New Zealand, I may take the opportunity sooner. Otherwise, in 2020 I will reach out to those groups and understand what is needed. In 2021 I will start preparing myself (financially and psychologically) and in 2022 I want to embark on that journey!

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