Flinders Street Station

2020 Goals

I have a US trip scheduled for my 40th birthday, but will not add that as things to photograph this year (goals). My goals should be of something I plan and do. My birthday is about being with family and therefore, will not be photos ‘suited’ for the blog.

Even though I have not formally done this in the previous years, I noticed that I do not have any plans for achievements for 2020 (photographic achievements).

I don’t know if the feeling that’s driving me to write this post is just because we are half way through February and I still have not planned any beyond March, where I will go to the US. I am a bit lost with the feeling I won’t get to do as many diverse photos opportunities this year as I would have liked.

In saying that, I will put down a few photo shoots I plan on doing this year.

  1. The Lights of Melbourne – Old Treasury Building
  2. The Lights of Melbourne – The Victorian Parliament*
  3. Sessions for the Joy project (two subjects of Joy)
  4. Studio session (one session)
  5. Scene Composition
  6. Plane Spotting

If you look at the list, we can stretch and say we have a significant event every 2 months. Both Lights of Melbourne will depend on availability of the buildings, i.e. not being renovated. I could throw in the Royal Melbourne Exhibition Building as part of The Lights of Melbourne.

Composition here is coming up with a scene, with two or more people, and photograph it. This will be an interesting exercise as I will have to come up with the scene/theme, find the models and execute.

There are a few staples that might not happen this year. The first one is the Snow Trip; with all the other travelling we are doing, going to the snow might just be a bit out of reach for us.

The second item is Easter long weekend at St. Leonards. The long weekend is a threefold: first Dean doesn’t think he has the time off from work; second as with the snow trip, we might be stretching out our finances a bit (although that is arguable); but last and what I think is driving Dean the most on this decision is the fact that we’ll probably have just moved into our new house (fingers crossed). Other than the time off (which Dean could come down after work), I think none of the others are real reasons, but let’s see.

My next steps will be figuring out with Dean our trips and plan the year appropriately to achieve these goals.

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